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Nikola Tesla invented the radio at the start of the twentieth century. Like many of his inventions, it would not bring him wealth. It did not even bring him any additional fame. Marconi was mistakenly given credit for the invention of the radio for many years. The walkie talkie , however, cam later. This portable communication technology came into its own during World War II. Allied and Axis forces used this device to keep in touch with each other in the field. Like many other inventions with practical civilian applications, the walkie talkie found its way into civilian markets. It would take the invention of the transistor radio to it become portable. Now, people can get a walkie talkie built into their cell phone.

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When someone needs to make sure the people at an event or a construction site can communicate, they may need to decide to use a (walkie talkie) service. Depending on a person's cellular service provider, he may not need to engage in this. He may already pay for the service, particularly if he bought it from the cellular provider. Someone who just needs the service on a temporary basis may not want to go this far. He may just want to hire it for a few hours or weeks. If the project will take more than two months, they may wish to go with the earlier service mention or buy portable radios for their employees to use.

Employees can use the portable radio systems to let their co-workers know where a particular item is needed. Someone may have seen employees in stores carry these items. They take the place of the public address system and they do not bother everyone in the store who hears it. Such sites are also invaluable tools on job sites. Construction sites often contain a lot of noise. If the project spans more than several floors, it may be a vital part of making sure that communication between co-workers, management and employees works as the builder intends.

If the project will only take a few weeks or if it is a one time event, it does not make sense for a person to go out of his way to find multiple sets. If it is a one time event, it may make sense for a person to rent it for the event. As long as someone pays the deposit fee, they will be ready to pick up the items when they are needed.

Before the person hands the portable radios out, he needs to make sure they are all set to the same channel. If the units only have on channel, this will not take long. If the electronics allow the receiver to send and receive more than one channel, this saves the workers and the managers a great deal of time. Someone who knows about the latest trends in radio technology may be able to improve the transmission range of the item. The user cannot modify the units, as that usually violates the agreements.